What Self-Starters Wish They Knew Before Leaving Their Full-Time Jobs

Taking that leap of faith isn’t a straight-forward, one path kind of journey. Everyone has their own origin story, trajectory, and, yes, things they wish they knew before they got started. Since I firmly believe we can all learn something from each other, I asked a few Office Hours subscribers to share what they wish they knew before they took that big step. Whether you’ve recently made the switch or want to take a moment to celebrate just how far you’ve come, check out their stories below. (Don’t worry: We’ll be back to our typical tips, tricks, and the Hustler of the Week next time!)

“How much my perfectionist tendencies can get in my own way!” — Rebecca Rosencline, certified health coach

“Plan on bringing in twice [as much as] what you really want to make because taxes.” — Leah Alexander, interior designer

“I wish I had started sooner! I wish I had created a task list for my own business as well as my clients sooner. I’ve been juggling two to three clients at a time, so I create a task list in sheets, with one tab for each client. (I’m old-school!) I have never even considered creating a task list for my own business until recently. Now, I treat my own business as a client.” — Lisa Tran, founder of The Elevated Esthetician

“You’ll work ten times harder and you’ll be one hundred times more satisfied when you love the work you do.” — Joy Williams, interior designer

“Patience and persistence is key! It’ll take you longer to get where you’re going than you think!” Janel Abrahami, career couch and founder of The Audacity newsletter

“I wish I knew all the moving parts. For example, being a CEO and assistant when operating solo!” — Kelly Collier, interior designer

“Find an accountability buddy to check-in with. It’s so important for your productivity and mindset.” Jamie Ratermann, social media strategist and health coach

“Being a freelancer is lonely at times, but you have to make your own community.” Kate Talbot, content marketing consultant and senior contributor at Forbes

“In a very literal sense, I wish I knew that you needed to make quarterly tax payments. I didn’t realize that until after I started and had to catch up. That was a whole mess!”Annie Loynd Burton, freelance writer and founder of New England Romance

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