How to Find (and Monetize!) Your Hustle

That’s a question I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Being my own boss and writing for brands that I genuinely admire makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. But, if you have the urge to hustle with nowhere to channel that energy, you can wind up feeling discouraged. That’s why I’m so thrilled to introduce you to Monica C. Guidry. As a lifestyle strategist, author, and host of a podcast called “WHOLE HeART with Monica C. Guidry,” Monica knows a thing or two about turning your dreams into a reality.

“I feel people are inclined to hustle because of so much uncertainty in the world, especially now more than ever,” she says. “We need a sense of security, so having something that belongs to us feels comforting. There are also natural-born entrepreneurs and go-getters, and working a nine-to-five for an employer will never work for them.”

Go ahead, check out her tips for finding your hustle.

Look For Common Threads

Truth is, finding your hustle is a lot easier than you’d think. Similar to my hustle, Monica was passionate about coaching from a young age. “Even as a kid, I’d be the person that friends would come to for guidance,” she explains. “After doing the same thing as an adult, even with strangers, I decided to utilize my life’s journey and experience to help others. I created strategies that help women in particular get unstuck and start to live the lives they were always meant to live.”

I know, it can be difficult to identify these skills in yourself. If you’re feeling stuck, ask a few friends or family members what they think your strengths are. Chances are, you’ll start to see a common thread. Do you have an incredible eye for detail? Maybe you can help others stay organized. Do you always know about the coolest bars and restaurants? Launch a blog about your favorite spots. Your side hustle is waiting for you — you just need to find it.

Prioritize Passion

Let’s not sugarcoat things: Having a hustle is by no means glamorous. (I should know, I’m burning the midnight oil as I type this.) Sure, having a hustle sounds cool, but it’s important that you’re working on something you’re actually passionate about. “In order to find out what your hustle is, you must first know what you’re passionate about,” Monica says. “Passion and purpose are connected, and purpose is the driving force behind a sustainable hustle.”

While a hustle isn’t always glamorous, it should never feel like a chore. (Pssst…Monica just recorded a podcast about passion and purpose, which you can listen to here.)

Let Adversity Lead the Way

Whether you had a bad breakup, sudden loss, or a slew of bad jobs, we all have baggage. (There’s no shame, our scars are what make us stronger.) Monica says most people discover their passion through a series of major life events. “I find that a person’s seemingly tragic and hurtful events, when healed, turn into passion,” she says. “Passion turns into purpose, and purpose becomes a tool that helps build wealth.” There’s no roadmap to healing from a painful life event. Give yourself the time, space, and grace to reflect and grow. But, when the time is right, that old pain might spark an idea and give you a brand-new purpose.

Make Money

What’s the difference between a hobby and a hustle? Making bank. While monetizing your hustle might seem daunting, Monica says it’s a lot easier than you’d think. “Anyone can monetize their hustle, and I mean anyone,” she explains. “It’s not hard nowadays to write an E-Book, create a witty T-shirt, or customize a journal.”

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, so how can you use your skills to help others? If you have an eye for detail, launch an organization service. (Trust me, people would pay top dollar to stay organized.) Keep tabs on the coolest restaurants in your town? Pitch yourself as a brand ambassador or consultant to the latest hotspot. If that doesn’t work, you can always return to the drawing board. “Time will pass you by whether you go for it or not, so go for it,” Monica says. “You’ll never know if you’ll succeed if you don’t try.” Amen!

A special thanks to Monica for such a motivating and passionate conversation. You can give her some love by following her on Instagram, subscribing to her YouTube channel, and listening to her podcast, “WHOLE HeART with Monica C. Guidry.”

Hustler of the Week: Wini Lao

This week’s newsletter is all about finding your hustle! When did you decide to pursue photography full-time?

I know all about the hustle! I worked as a full-time civil engineer before I decided to shift to photography full-time. My company laid off people and I had to choose between finding a new engineering job or pursuing a creative career. The logical side gave myself a couple months to pursue photography and see where that took me. I shadowed a professional photographer, where I learned technical and organizational skills. I dove into Craigslist and Upwork to find free and lower-paying clients to build a portfolio. Three years later, I’ve worked with badass entrepreneurs like Sophia Roe and global brands like Peloton and Adidas.

What is your favorite part about being your own boss? Least favorite?

My favorite is meeting and building a community of clients I love and share my craft with. I’ve met amazing ladies in my career that I became friends with, attended their weddings, and captured key milestones in their lives. My least favorite part is dealing with money and taxes! The first thing I did when business was steady was hire an accountant. Dare I say life-changing.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since becoming your own boss?

Being my own boss meant building a network of people I trust and rely on. The biggest lesson I’ve learned and often remind myself is that I can’t take their professional (sometimes personal) decisions personally. Mindset is super important and something I work on daily!

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